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Things I’m lookin’ forward to!

Super Mario Odyssey:  Well, yeah, that’s obvs!  I knew this game would have a huge showin’, and it’s weird, because Nintendo actually has a shot of havin’ two Game of Shows in a row here, Odyssey was that good.  Now keep in mind that I love 3D mario games, Galaxy bein’ my favorite game of all time, so seein’ a 3D Mario in the vein of 64 and Sunshine is very refreshin’.  I know I wanted galaxy 3 in my heart in January, but really, this was definitely the best decision.  A Galaxy or Sunshine remake would be awesome, though.

I really like how Pauline is back!  Holy God, that’s amazin’!  She never shows up!  And she sings!  I have had 1 Up Girl in my head (or Do The Odyssey, whatever it’s called) fer like, a week…yeah.  They showed 2 kingdoms on the floor and one at the Treehouse.  The game reminds me a lot of Banjo Tooie.  Instead of Stars, ya get Moons.  When ya get a Moon, ya keep goin’, and they’re easier to get than Stars/Shines, but there’s A LOT.  I saw gameeXplain get 9 in a ten minute run.  But there may be 20 in New Donk alone.  There’s fast travel, and the hat character Cappy is amazin’!  Not only does he give ya a hat toss, but he can possess any character wearin’ a hat (mostly).  This runs the gamut from Goombas to Bullet Bills to T REXES to humans.  This leads to all sorts of puzzles in platformin’ situations.  They even had a few Sunshine esque platformin’ courses throughout the worlds in secret spots!  They don’t take Cappy though…

Destiny 2:  Yeah, yeah, get the pitchforks and torches, I like Destiny.  I do.  There were quite a few shared world games shown at E3 this year, but one thing I will say about Destiny 2 is that I know what bullshit Bungie will pull with this game.  And I know what stuff they’ll do well.  All the other shared world games, like Anthem, and Sea of Thieves, I’m extremely skeptical of, because remember Division?  Say what ya want about Destiny, it’s at least decent.  better than Division.  Most of Destiny 2′s info was in interviews.  It sounds like we may get a few issues fixed about Destiny 1.  Weapon balance is on a case by case basis, not an archetype basis.  Story is more important, we have a dialogue tree now.  All one shot kill abilities and weapons are in Power weapons or Super.  that’s it.  So they may actually be learnin’.  It…also helps that I have a very close group of friends that I play Destiny with already.  We have a lotta fun with it.  The 30FPS on console issue isn’t a dealbreaker fer me, but I do admit I like playin’ on PC better.  I don’t have any PC friends though…and I hate that October release date.

Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 4:  Hell yeah!  I love Metroid games, and I was kinda jokin’ in my head that with all the shared world games comin’ out of E3 that Nintendo would troll us and be like “Federation Force Shared World Shooter!”  But well, they showed us a logo and that was the one time I actually hyped this whole E3.  A logo.  That was it.  I don’t even care that it ain’t Retro (they ARE workin’ on a new IP, soooo…) I want it!  Metroid Prime was made by a then fledgling studio, after all.  It can be amazin’ if handled right!

As fer Metroid: Samus’ Return, it comes out in September.  Sheds some light on the whole AM2R thing, but it looks pretty awesome.  they added 360 degree aimin’, and a melee parry counter thing!  So cool!  It’s developed by Mercurysteam too, and they did Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  I think they made Mirror of Fate, which is sorta a Metroidvania.  in other words, they know what they’re doin’.  I haven’t actually played Metroid II, which means this will be the first time I play it.  I still need to play Zero Mission as well.  But I’m hyped.  Now…if only they can remake Fusion on the Switch fer HD Nightmare face meltin;…

God of War:  Let’s talk God of War.  It’s my favorite Playstation exclusive franchise, and I know what yer thinkin’.  ROSIE!  What about Uncharted and The Last of Us and Crash bandicoot and etc?  Well, I have opinions that are different, and to be honest, an issue I have is that I am inexperienced with Sony consoles even if I currently prefer them over MS.  But God of War is my kinda game.  I love it.  But I definitely wanted to see it again after a year of nuthin’.  We got a 6 minute trailer this year.  It was good.  I dunno if it was as hype as last year, but still.  Kratos and his son meet a big ol’ snake, fight some dudes, it looks awesome!  It looks like other than the axe, ya also get a shield and Captain America some dudes.  I really enjoy the father son dynamic of it.  God of War really started to lack any story after the first one, and even the first one wasn’t like, Shakespeare, so it may be interestin’ to see if they amp up the plot here.  I don’t expect Dragon Age Origins or Bioshock, but even so.  I still really love the moment in the first trailer where Kratos’ son can’t stab the dead deer so Kratos helps his son out.  I find that so touching, and I wouldn’t expect that out of GoW III Kratos at all.  I know that kinda didn’t sound touchin’ though…

Spider-Man:  Ok, so!  As someone who is so out of the loop with marvel (has only seen the first two Spider-Man movies and the two Hulk movies), Spider-Man 2 is an amazing game.  It just is.  i had it on Gamecube, and Alyssa will not stop playing the pizza song.  The web slinging was awesome.  But did ya see this game!?  My God it looked fun!  Yeah, it looked Arkhamy, but still!  Oh, and lotsa QTE’s.  Ok, lemme explain.  I hate stealth, so if ya make  a game that makes me interested in stealth then yer probs doin’ somethin’ right.  Apparently the game is open world in Manhattan and has Peter parker at 23, and he makes his own web gadgets too!  So that’s some of the skinny.  Also, QTE’s should be reserved fer the cinematics.  But like, runnin’ through buildings to catch up to helicopters!  It will, admittedly, be hard to be as good a web slinger as Spider-man 2.

Things I’m skeptical of

Anthem:  Bioware.  Shared World game.  two red flags already.  Shared World games just don’t fare well, and Bioware is kinda not doin’ well.  But it looked really cool.  It really did.  I’m also not a fan of how many things they kinda copypasted from Destiny.  yes, a wall keeping monsters away was done in Attack on Titan (and in China, although that’s people) but in a shared world game.  Also, Colossus and Ranger sound awfully similar to Titan and Hunter.  And not just in terms of classes, I mean, the words.  The actual words are just synonyms.  But I dunno.  It can be good.  Maybe they’ll be less corrupt than Activision/Bungie at least.

Star Wars BattleFront II:  So yeah, Battlefront I was fun…for a day.  It had a good install minigame.  But it was ehh.  This looks promisin’.  I know, why is Destiny 2 on the list up there and this is here?  I play Destiny 1 with friends all the time already, and have plans to play 2.  A PvP focused multiplayer shooter tends to only draw me in fer 2 weeks tops, sooo…a campaign is good, classes are good, I just hope it does good, I really do.  But Battlefront 1 left the worst taste in my mouth.  I mean, even Titanfall 1, a game that left a bad taste in my mouth and had a way better sequel, had a decent first game.  i dunno…

Sea of Thieves:  Rare.  Shared World game.  Two red flags already.  Shared world games just don’t fare well, and Rare’s last universally praised game was in, like 2000.  17 years ago.  Even Bioware had mass Effect 2 in 2010.  And I guess peeps like Dragon Age Inquisition in 2014 (which imo is kinda funny).  I like the concept and all, but I’m worried.  It can be a smash hit, but I’m really, really, frickin’ goddamn worried.

Anything that looked good by Ubisoft:   I don’t trust Ubisoft as a company anymore.  I just…don’t.  Mario + Rabbids looked promising, even if we all expected it to be ass, but…it’s Ubisoft.  Assassin’s Creed origins looked like a good Assassin’s Creed, but…it’s Ubisoft.  Ya wanna know how they ended the conference?  They showed Beyond Good and Evil 2!  Holy Shit!  But!  It’s UBISOFT!  And they just…sigh…I don’t trust them anymore.  Far Cry, Ubisoft, we haven’t given up on Splinter cell?  ubisoft.  ya get it.  Movin’ on.

Xbox One X:  So they showed the Xbox One X of course, and it’s a thing.  I dunno how i feel about it.  Sigh…first off, i regret buyin’ a One to begin with.  Second off, $500 is a steep price tag at the moment.  They may drop it in a year or two.  But to be honest, I will say that i didn’t expect it to be “the smallest Xbox ever” and well, yeah.  The specs?  i dunno.  I’m not as techie as I should be, but I dunno.  I don’t have a 4K TV, so yeah.  They said I can still benefit even so.  Next gen, though…I’m just gonna wait a few years fer the Xbox buy.  Seriously, i asted my fuggin’ money just like I did buyin’ the PS3 version of GTAV and not the PS4 version…

Things I could care less about:

SKYRIM!!!:  Yeah, this was a reouccurin’ theme at E3 this year.  I dunno if I really expected an Elder Scrolls 6 announcement exactly, but there are already jokes and memes about how much Skyrim was brought up this year.  bethesda this year was actually…pretty bad.  They also made a paid mods system that everyone’s pissed about.  Well, at least Wolfenstein looks awesome.

Minecraft in 4K and cross platform:  Not my thing.  I dunno why Minecraft needs 4K?  Uhh…yeah?

The Stuff Every gamer doesn’t care about:  This includes: EA sports, Just Dance, that sports car, etc…

Things I wanted to see

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon:  After the reveal last week, I thought they’d show more of these games.  I wanna see them because I wanna know just how changed they are, and yeah.  Pokemon mainline games have been appearin’ at E3′s so it’s weird to see it not appear this year.

Somethin’ Dragon Age but because Anthem Never Mind

What is From Software Workin’ on?

What is Retro Workin’ on?

What is Sucker Punch (inFamous Studio) workin’ on?

Is Rocksteady doin’ like, anythin’?

  • Listening to: Is it 1Up Girl or Do the Odyssey?
  • Reading: I dunno
  • Watching: E3 stuffs
  • Playing: Sadly, not ARMS
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: soda


Fun Fact 1: I have not seen a SINGLE Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie.  Fun Fact 2:  I REALLY wanna see the new Spider-Man, but also don't wanna be butt fucked by not understanding complex plot points and references from 30 past movies I haven't seen.  Fun Fact 3:  I have 12 days to watch 15 films.  14 because actually that crappy Hulk I saw and forgot about was an MCU, ok...  Fun Fact 4:  I am horrible at movies and don't have a goddamn clue what the best way to watch 14 movies in 12 days is because I dunno if they're on like, Netflix, I ain't paying for a Netflix, and I can barely watch one movie every 3 months.
Welp, I think I'm pulling a Benedict Arnold on my Pokemon Versions and getting Ultra Moon.  I just thought of perhaps my most "batshit crazy" Amour idea yet, pun intended.  I've been on a roll with Amour ideas.  Figure a duality based villain sound fun to anyone?'ll be a while though, but if I get things sorted out with paypal, considering how fast :iconmostlyfunstuff:'s lists go, it may be fast?  I kinda don't want her until we know more about the game.


United States
Co-Creator of Rosie the Gardevoir. Gotta give credit to Game Freak, Nintendo, and of course, MostlyFunStuff, the greatest person on this world wide web. Rosie's tumblr link below, just replace the (dot) with a "." MFS Rosie pics will be posted here, but you will definitely see everything on the tumblr, so check it out!

Hey guys, I am Stephen, just call me Steve. Not really an artist, but I love coming here to mostly look at fan art of Video Game characters, especially Rosalina. My fave collection has all kinds of stuff, but be warned that I look at a lot of sexual stuff, including foot fetish material, so be careful Fox! I will from time to time make a meme post, like a motivational or Philosoraptor, but other than that, you got my faves.




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I mean, technically, long story short, my Gardevoir's real name is Elizabeth.  She got the name Rosie from Rosalina, you know, from Mario.  Originally, she was way more focused on Mushroomian stuff, but...

Anyway!  I mean, it's not a big deal if you use the same name as far as I can think.  I think there's a Gardevoir somewhere named Rose as well...which can get confusing.  At the end of the day, I'm not the gardevoir police, but I hope my Rosie doesn't get in your Gardevoir's way at all.  For instance, if one were to search for Rosie the gardevoir.

This was probably confusing, long winded and convoluted, but you're free to name her whatever you wish.
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