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(Also on Rosie's tumblr that has over 200 followers but still only gets like, 1 like per post somehow.  I don't get it)

Alright, I’ve done 110 Shrines and 75 sidequests, done all the memories got the true ending, and…I still need over 825 KOROK SEEDS!?  Still reviewin’, I don’t care!  I ain’t doin’ it, Hestu.  I ain’t doin’ it!

Righto, so to start off, Zelda’s an interestin’ series.  I learned to game from Ocarina of Time.  It will always hold a place in my heart because of that.  But ever since I wanna say…Wind Waker, I’ve become a bit more wary of Zelda.  Yes, I still loved the games, and they always had a meteoric impact on me, but less so each game.  Twilight Princess was fun, but it kinda felt like a recycle, Skyward Sword helped me through tough times (or Steve rather), but it had frustrating decisions and moments (WHY DO YOU HAVE TO FLAP JUST TO STAY MOVING WHILE YOU’RE FLYING AND WHY IN ALL THE TUTORIALS DOES THE GAME NEVER SAY THAT!?) and recently, I’ve discovered that 2D Zeldas are just…more consistently amazing than 3D ones.  ALTTP, Zelda 1, and Link’s Awakening still hold up really well.  So yeah, I was looking forward to BotW a lot because, no pun intended, Zelda needed a breath of fresh air.  The formula needed CPR.

Breath of the Wild is just…it’s an amazing game to say the least.  There is much less handholding, the game is fer the most part more difficult, and many conventions are completely overhauled or fergotten.  You start off on the Great Plateau, which is a very natural tutorial area that doesn’t actually feel like a tutorial area.  This is really the most restrictive part of the game, but yer still really free, although as a Zelda veteran, gettin’ used to jumpin’, pickin’ up weapons off the ground, and climbin’ on any wall in the game is really somethin’ new.  The Plateau is a great playground to learn though, as there’s enemies and even a boss to fight, treasures to find, mini dungeons with spell runes to enhance your newly acquired Sheikah Slate, and as a final test, an icy mountain where you’ll need to use fire, hot food, and eventually, a warm shirt to fight off cold.  Subtle yet effective teachin’, good job Nintendo.  Fer once ya got it right!

So yeah, I really think the sense of freedom in the game is amazing.  The best way to feel the freedom is generally through how ya get around.  Once ya clear the four shrine puzzles and get yer four runes, ya get a paraglider.  This mega evolved Deku Leaf (yeah, like, Wind Waker) uses very very little of yer stamina, and you can use updrafts of wind to go higher, ya can stow the glider to conserve stamina, and if ya glide into a wall, ya go straight to climblin’.  Climbin’ works on nearly any wall, and again works on stamina.  The climbing speed is just slow enough to encourage quick, stamina drainin’ jumps with A, but just fast enough so that ya don’t go crazy.  Basically any wall can be climbed in the game with patience and stamina, as well as plannin’ and maybe some food.  There’s also horses, among other mounts, who, while well programmed, are less used due to Hyrule’s rugged environments and the fact that paragliding’s friggin’ fun!  Still, the horses, among other wildlife, are a really nice touch.  Horses have temperaments and won’t obey ya at first, which is kinda like The last Guardian I guess, or that Charizard yer friend gave you before ya had enough badges, but yeah.  It adds a feeling of attachment to the horse.  I like it, but I wish horses and horse combat was better.  Oh, and you can also shield surf, but I never really did that…

The other thing that’s free about the game is how ya approach the story.  After ya get off the plateau, yer told to go to kakariko, but if ya want, ya can go over to Gerudo town.  Hyrule is absolutely massive, so when I played the game, I first did the Zora quest, then I tried doing the Goron quest, but because the fire was kinda intense and I like Urbosa a lot, I made a beeline to Gerudo instead.  i actually did the Gorons last.  The weird thing is that unlike say, Skyrim, where they have levels and can therefore autolevel enemies, in BotW they can’t do that and I feel like there is sorta a recommended path?  But ya don’t have to follow it at all.  If ya want, ya can fight ganon as soon as ya get the paraglider.  Don’t even need the master sword or a Divine Beast.  It’s that open.  There are areas in Hyrule that have nuthin’ at all to do with the story too, but there’s still such an urge to explore those areas,

Speakin’ of likin’ Urbosa a lot, I really like a lot of characters and towns in this game.  All the towns are memorable and unique, and I remember several NPCs from each.  This game is great because it has the return of Wind Waker’s Ritos (as FALCO PEOPLE!) and Koroks, but also the Gerudos from OoT, MM, and FSA return.  Strangely, the Gorons are the least memorable of the races wheras in previous games the Gorons were kinda memorable as bros and whatnot.  But, ya know, Prince Sidon is the bro now.  Speakin’ of, Zoras are now more shark like, awesome, and Zelda has a Renaissance faire/Knights of the Round table accent and it’s a bit distracting, especially when the Goron champion Daruk talks like a bro and whatnot.  The other disappointment I had with characters is Ganon.  that’s all I’ll say because spoilers are spoilers.

Speaking of which, the story is kinda…there.  I mean, you saw the Switch trailer in January?  Good.  Ok.  Great.  The story is mainly told through memories ya find through pictures.  They;re hidden throughout hyrule, and they unlock these cool cutscenes.  I do like the cinematics and themes of them.  Having a story about Zelda actually failing is actually an intriguin’ premise, but maybe it’s just me, but i wish more was explored.  How were the beasts and Guardians made?  How did the calamity ganon rise up?  Was Ganon ever Ganondorf before he did any of this in the calamity?  How did he control the Guardians?  I know, I know, too many questions, find out when we make Breath of Calamity only on Nintendo Uzs U, but still…

So next up is combat.  The combat in Zelda was always a pretty simple but fun system, but in previous games, it was usually more environmental enemies like Tektites and less swordfighters like lizalfos.  Now it’s more Lizalfos, less tektites.  No Tektites.  There’s still certain common monsters, but some are gone completely.  That bein’ said, swordfights are really commonplace in BotW, perhaps as common as in Skyward, which I welcome a LOT, because I really like Zelda’s combat.  As I said in my dark Souls review, dark Souls ‘ combat is kinda really hard Zelda combat.  Anyway, combat as usual is about lockin’ on, timing, and shield and dodge techniques.  Now because you can use a two handed spear or even a claymore or axe in this game, ya may need to dodge more here than in a previous Zelda, but a perfectly timed dodge gives you a flurry rush counter, and boy is it satsfyin’!  If ya use a one handed weapon, ya can press A to parry with the shield too.  The bow is permanently on ZR as well, which makes it easy to use in battle.  Now the most controversial part of combat is that every weapon, bow and shield can break.  This system is very similar to Prince of Persia’s system all the way in 2004-5, but in that game, ya always had an unbreakable sword.  I find the system fine, my main issue is that they don’t tell durability until it’s about two hits from breakin’, so if I have two Edges of Duality and I find a better weapon, which do i get rid of?  It encourages that ya learn to use every weapon and scavenge the battlefield, and I’d love in the sequel to see this concept taken further through weapon shops, upgrade shops, etc.

And now, the elephant in the room.  Dungeons.  I dunno if ya guys know this, but the most popular Zelda game has only 4 dungeons.  Ok, but really folks, BotW has 5 dungeons, and 120 shrines.  And that’s not enough accordin’ to most.  Here’s my thoughts.  First off, the shrines fer the most part are fine.  I like them a lot.  I think some of them are filler, like, there are a few too many combat shrines, and apparatus shrines can suck it, but all the puzzle ones are really clever and original.  I especially love the maze mini dungeons in the overworld.  Those are incredible.  Eventide was also a treat.  The shrines are really cool.  It’s a good twist on the pieces of heart formula.  Now fer the dungeons.  The way ya enter them is REALLY clever, especially the elephant, which…my God…I can’t describe how amazing.  Ya thought Stallord was epic.  I feel like the four puzzle based ones we had had really good puzzles.  There was one dungeon that was kinda piss easy, but the other 3 were kinda really clever.  Usin’ the map to change the rotation or position of the beast is really clever, and leads to some of the best puzzles I’ve seen in Zelda history.  They are a bit short though.  And while they all have the same architecture, they are all in different environments, and you can look outside, so that’s a neat touch.  The shrines all look the same, though, but Hyrule’s natural variety more than makes up fer that.  Also, BotW’s Hyrule Castle is the best final dungeon in any Zelda game period.  No if’s, and’s or buts.  I don’t wanna hear anyone say that OoT or WW’s “studying fer final exams” castle was the best final dungeon.

As far as miscellaneous things go, the music, when it is there, is really good.  Don’t listen to haters.  This is an open world game.  if ya go play Fallout without a radio on yer pip boy, they just play ambient piano too, that’s the point.  Open World games like BotW want you to be absorbed in the world, and if Hyrule Field’s theme was blarin’ in yer ears, it may distract ya from takin’ in the sights.  The graphics are really good too, by Nintendo standards anyway.  It’s mainly that the artstyle is a good choice fer the limitations of the hardware.  There are plenty of better lookin’ games, just, it’s appealing.  There’s a good amount of sidequests that are varied and fun, and while many just give ya rupees, rupees ACTUALLY matter in this game, at least early on.  The game is the most difficult 3D Zelda, but because I buffed my heavy armor ridiculously, and because i was fresh off Soulsborne, i didn’t have too much trouble.  The physics and weather are really cool.  Although thunderstorms are annoying early on.  And rain can stop climbing easily.  Inventory management isn’t bad unless you have a lot of pages of useless shit.  And cooking is pretty fun, but I honestly didn’t eat too much because you can just fast travel to your bed and sleep for free.  Wii U vs Switch?  Just get it.  If ya can get it on Switch, the portability mode it runs smooth on there too, although framerate happens in woods and other such places.  But still the least glitchy open world game I’ve played.

So yeah, final words?  I have to sit with this fer a few months.  This may be the game to usurp Mario galaxy as my favorite game of all time .  it’s that good.  I have a few nitpicks, the story was a bit shallow, but yeah, it’s nuthin’ short of breathtaking!  The scary thing is that this game is really just the training wheels fer Aonuma and Fujibayashi as this is the first open air Zelda they’ve made, and the next one may be even better than this!  More dungeons, shrines based on each race, the return of Dodongos and Redeads, a better story, think about it!  I haven’t been this hyped fer Zelda since Wind Waker.


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Didn't i say a year ago I'd revisit drawing?  Sigh...why do I lie to myself like that?

I do wanna revisit that sword I drew for Rosie though some time ago.  It's a long story.
Why I hate kids 101:  the one time I actually try to play with the over a dozen kid cousins I have and my only reward is a punch in the gut.  Great...
Ahhh, Fighting Games.  That one genre of games I always hated due to sucking and the toxicity of the community.  Even Smash has that.  Let's hope Arms I can be good at and the community doesn't get toxic...because I like the concept of it and it's unique.

Also, the new Splatoon 2 mode looks cool.  I'm still waiting on Switch VC though and I kinda wanna hear what the Summer BOTW DLC entails.  Will the hard mode be a hero mode, Master Quest, or a Hardcore Survival mode where you actually have to manage Link's hunger and sleep and not catch Gerudo Plague?


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Co-Creator of Rosie the Gardevoir. Gotta give credit to Game Freak, Nintendo, and of course, MostlyFunStuff, the greatest person on this world wide web. Rosie's tumblr link below, just replace the (dot) with a "." MFS Rosie pics will be posted here, but you will definitely see everything on the tumblr, so check it out!

Hey guys, I am Stephen, just call me Steve. Not really an artist, but I love coming here to mostly look at fan art of Video Game characters, especially Rosalina. My fave collection has all kinds of stuff, but be warned that I look at a lot of sexual stuff, including foot fetish material, so be careful Fox! I will from time to time make a meme post, like a motivational or Philosoraptor, but other than that, you got my faves.




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